Grouse Hunting

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Hunters and their bird dogs love South Dakota. The state is a hunter's paradise, with huge populations of grouse, geese, doves, pheasants, quail and ducks. People travel from all over the country to hunt these amazing wild birds. Of course, they also travel to South Dakota to hunt foxes, coyotes, elk and buffalo. For people who love the outdoors and who love to hunt, South Dakota is the perfect destination.

Species of Grouse

The license to hunt grouse actually covers two species of birds. One species of prairie grouse is the sharptail grouse, and the other is the prairie chicken. Prairie chickens are most densely populated in the central and southern parts of South Dakota.

Hunting these birds can be challenging. The way they hide themselves can be counter-intuitive to humans. We would think they'd converge in dense foliage, but instead, they rest where they can see most clearly. They rely greatly on their sight, so they tend to roost where the visibility is best.

If you are traveling to South Dakota from out of state to hunt grouse or pheasant, chances are you won't be bringing your dogs with you. Make sure that the lodge you choose has a great kennel of dogs. The right bird dogs can make or break your hunting experience. Also, choose a lodge with a good reputation, plenty of land, and flexible availability.

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