Hevi Shot Choke Tubes

Written by Amy Hall
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Hevi Shot choke tubes can allow you to adjust the pattern on your rifle for optimal shooting. Optimal choke tubes are designed specifically with Remington Hevi-Shot loads in mind, although they also work well with steel and lead. If your shotgun is not consistently delivering 10 to 20 pellets in the kill zone at all distances with your existing choke tube, you might want to check into Hevi-Shot choke tubes as a solution to this problem.

A choke tube can help your shotgun deliver heavy loads that are tight, dense patterns which increase your chances of hitting your target. On the flip side, you can have too much of a good thing if you use a choke that's too tight for your gun and load. Too much constriction has the tendency of creating jagged patterns that leave large voids between pellets. When possible, try various choke sizes to find the fit that works for your shotgun.

Hitting Your Target with Hevi Shot Choke Tubes

You can expect optimal patterns and unmatched performance when you use Hevi Shot choke tubes with your 12 or 20 gauge shotgun. These choke tubes are constructed from heat-treated stainless steel with a non-glare black oxide finish, and they provide exceptional durability and pattern performance. With a nominal constriction of .040 and inside diameter of .5775 inches, the Hevi-Shot choke tube consistently delivers super tight patterns in excess of 90% when used with Remington's Premier Hevi-Shot Turkey loads.

The new 20 gauge Hevi-Shot Choke Tube is a "must have" for turkey hunters as it produces excellent results. You can browse through the different choke tube models when you visit online sites that sell hunting supplies, hunting gear and accessories.

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