Hunting Fanny Packs

Written by Amy Hall
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Hunting fanny packs are for carrying smaller items around your waist that you may need to be able to access easily. Fanny packs should have the same basic criteria that hunting packs have, meaning they should be comfortable to wear, roomy enough to carry your essentials, and they should be made of waterproof materials. In addition, they should really have a camouflage design so as not to attract the very animals you are trying to hunt!

Some hunting fanny packs come with hunting scents that eliminate odors from food and gear that may scare off animals. Fanny packs are worn basically because they offer convenient access to items you want to keep handy. Some fanny packs can be converted into backpacks simply by adjusting the straps.

Hunting Fanny Packs Keep Your Essentials Close at Hand

You may want to purchase a fanny pack that has multiple compartments, to help keep your smaller items more organized. You will also want some insulation that can keep the odors from food and/or clothing inside and not downwind where animals can pick up on the scent. The belt around your waist should be easily adjustable and distribute weight evenly so as not to cause back pain.

Another point to consider is the issue of sound when you unzip your pack. You should look for a pack that is as silent as possible, again, so you don't scare off the animals.

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