Mossy Oak Camo

Written by Amy Hall
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Mossy Oak Camo was originally designed and patterned from a large Oak tree in South Alabama. The design was called Bottomland and it was a complete success right from its introduction. All of Mossy Oak's designs since Bottomland have been patterned from this original design. The dull, flat colors match the colors of real dirt, leaves, bark, and old moss, thus providing the illusion of a tree.

The initial design by Toxey Haas that resulted in the first Bottomland pattern has evolved into an entire collection of camouflage clothing. Hunters rely on being totally inconspicuous out in the field, and they depend on Mossy Oak Camo to help them achieve success during a hunt. Wild animals rely on instinct to protect themselves, and if they see anything suspicious, they will run, and you will go home empty-handed at the end of the day.

Mossy Oak Camo for Successful Hunting

Tokey Haas was an avid hunter who was always looking for ways to not only break up hunters' forms, but to also blend them into the landscape. He realized that camouflage would work much better if it represented colors true to nature. The only way hunters could get closer to animals was if they didn't look like hunters, but more like a piece of the landscape.

Today, Mossy Oak makes a wide selection of patterns and designs that can be mixed and matched to not only break up but blend in. You can find Mossy Oak online through their website, or through other retailers of fine hunting supplies.

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