Pheasant Hunting Vacations

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pheasant hunting vacations are ideal for all sorts of groups. A pheasant hunting trip to South Dakota is a great excuse for college buddies to reunite. It's an ideal time for a corporate event or business trip. It's a great way to raise funds, to brainstorm, or to coalesce a new management team. It's also a great time and place for families to be together.

Hunting trips have long been important to fathers and sons. So many hunters say that their favorite thing about the sport is getting a chance to spend time with their son or dad. Pheasant hunting is a more democratic sport than most. Unlike deer hunting, for example, pheasant hunting attracts many women. Many of them participate, while others just come along for the excitement and social fun. Still, pheasant hunting is primarily a male sport and, as such, provides an invaluable opportunity for fathers and sons to be together.

Father/Son Hunting Trips

Pheasant hunting is an exciting alternative to the usual fishing or deer hunting trip. South Dakota provides an ideal landscape for all sorts of hunting. It's a wildly beautiful state with really great, friendly people. Travel to South Dakota, and you'll have a chance to shoot a variety of wild birds and game.

Make sure you get the right license before showing up. The license you'll need to shoot pheasants, doves, ducks and grouse will differ from the one you need to shoot elk or buffalo. Talk to the lodge owner before arriving, so that you can have all your paper work completed before your arrival.

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