Primos Game Calls

Written by Amy Hall
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Primos game calls can fool even the most skeptical animal. Primos PiggyBack Series includes the True Double, which is a stacked-frame call that was the first game call Will Primos offered when he founded Primos Hunting Calls in 1976. It has been fooling turkeys since its inception and continues to be a big hit among hunters.

The Primos PiggyBack Calls give you 1/16" separation between the reeds, by stacking frames on top of one another, which in turn prevents the reeds from sticking together and allows the reeds to vibrate independently of each other. To perform this call, you simply need to adjust your tongue pressure to change from clear to raspy tones, as well as soft or loud calling. This is one of Primos game calls' best models and it truly does fool even the most cautious of turkeys.

Primos Game Calls Fool 'Em Good

Primos makes calls for a whole slew of animals, including turkeys, elk, deer, and waterfowl. So there is most certainly a model available that will accommodate your hunting needs. Let's take a look at one of their deer calls which is another hot seller. You can find Primos game calls online when you log onto their website, or when you do a search for stores that sell hunting supplies, hunting gear and accessories.

The Power Mule Deer and Blacktail Grunter is simply one of the best calls there is to lure in big bucks. It is effective for long-range calling, and it has a dual-reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation. It reproduces throaty grunts and estrus cries by inhaling and exhaling, which further lures in the big bucks. This call is perfect for mule deer and blacktails. You can find these fine turkey calls and deer calls through retailers who sell hunting supplies.

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