South Dakota Buffalo Hunting

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Taking a South Dakota buffalo hunting trip is like taking a ride in a time machine. You'll feel like you're stepping back into the past, to a time when America was wild, open and free. Buffalo are majestic animals. Just being near them is awe-inspiring. Hunting them is a truly incredible experience. A buffalo hunting trip is the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Combined Buffalo Hunting Trips

Hunting buffalo is amazing, but South Dakota offers a lot of game and fowl beyond the buffalo. The ideal hunting trip might include hunting both buffalo and pheasant. Hunting pheasant is exciting and lively. It's an engaging form of hunting that teams man and dog. It also makes a great complement to buffalo hunting.

Look for a lodge with a great deal of land. The larger the ranch or preserve, the larger the herds of buffalo and the greater the number of pheasant nides. South Dakota has plenty of wide open space, so don't settle for a smaller than average lodge.

The best way to find a great hunting lodge is over the Internet. There, you can read testimonials, see photographs, study the different types of package deals, and check availability. It's the most convenient and effective way to book a hunting trip. A good lodge should offer not only buffalo and pheasant hunting, but elk, grouse, coyote, fox and quail hunting.

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