South Dakota Coyote Hunting

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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South Dakota isn't only a great place to hunt pheasant. It's a great place to hunt coyote, elk and buffalo. It's also an amazing place to hunt a variety of birds, such as doves, grouse, goose and quail. South Dakota is a wide open, beautiful state, lovingly maintained and sparsely populated. It might just be the single best state in the Union for hunting.

Coyote Hunting Licenses

People travel to South Dakota from all over the world to hunt coyote, buffalo and pheasant. One of the great things about hunting coyote is that it can be done at any time of year. There is no coyote season to limit your trip. In addition, there's no limit to the number of coyote you can hunt. Like foxes and skunks, hunting them requires a predator/varmint license or any other valid license for residents, and a predator or any other valid license for nonresidents.

Predator licenses are easy to obtain. Visit a licensing agent, and you can purchase one in person. You may also choose to purchase a license over the Internet.

An ideal trip might include a few days of pheasant hunting, and a day or two of coyote hunting. Choose a lodge with plenty of land. The larger the ranch or preserve on which you hunt, the better your chances of finding plenty of game and fowl. It's not unusual for a hunting preserve to include thousands of acres of land in total.

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