South Dakota Duck Hunting

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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South Dakota is known for pheasant hunting, but the state teems with lots of other wildlife. People travel to South Dakota from all over the world to hunt ducks, pheasants, partridges, grouse, doves and geese. In addition to bird hunting, hunters can try their hand at elk, buffalo, foxes and coyotes.

Animals and birds thrive where human populations are low. South Dakota has lots of pristine land, and not a lot of people. The people who do live there know how to take care of the land they love. South Dakotans tend to be very friendly, even outgoing, with a deep respect for the land, air and water around them. One of the best things about a South Dakota duck hunting or pheasant hunting trip is simply spending time outdoors. Folks who live year-round in cities love the peace, the quiet, the wide open spaces and wonderful wildlife of South Dakota.

Duck Hunting Licenses

In order to hunt duck, you'll need a hunting license. Contact the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Division to obtain your license. If you live outside the state, you'll need a non-resident license. The license differs from the one used for hunting pheasant, so if you plan to hunt both, make sure you are licensed for both.

The license obtained for pheasant hunting entitles the bearer to hunt not only pheasant, but grouse, cottontail, partridge, doves, squirrels, common snipes, and quail. Lodges can provide guests with the necessary information for obtaining a license, but the guest will have to obtain the license himself. It is a relatively inexpensive and simple process, but a necessary one.

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