South Dakota Hunting Guides

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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South Dakota hunting guides have to know their way around a variety of game and birds, because the state is home to such a vast population of wildlife. South Dakota is a hunter's paradise, with thousands and thousands of acres of prime hunting land. People come from all over the world to hunt elk, foxes, partridges, geese, coyotes, doves, grouse, ducks and, of course, ring-necked pheasants.

The ring-necked pheasant is South Dakota's most famous animal, as well as its state bird. Any hunting guide worth his salt knows how to find these upland birds and flush them out. Guides should also have smart, well-trained bird dogs to help with the hunt. Some hunters will arrive on the preserve or ranch with their own dogs, but hunters flying in from out of state usually won't. They rely on their guides to have great dogs of their own.

Hospitable Hunting Guides

South Dakota is known for more than just great hunting--it's known for great people. A good South Dakota hunting guide isn't simply someone who knows how to hunt. He's a hospitable person who knows how to make guests feel like old friends.

Guests who are staying overnight at a ranch or farm for pheasant hunting should make sure the area is well-maintained. Even the best guide in the world can't guarantee a good hunt if the birds aren't there. A great guide, coupled with a large, well-maintained hunting area, will ensure a successful hunt.

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