South Dakota Hunting Lodges

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The most important thing about a South Dakota hunting lodge is the land on which it stands. One lodge may come with amenities like a spa or gym, whereas other lodges may have no frills whatsoever. As far as hunters are concerned, the only thing that really matters is the quality and quantity of the hunt. Of course, their spouses might be inclined to disagree.

If you are heading off on a hunting trip with a group, just make sure that everyone on the trip will find something to please them. For children, that means an exciting new experience, like hunting for the first time, or hunting a new type of wildlife. For non-hunting spouses, it may mean a spa, a pretty room with a good view, or a common room with a fireplace, where they can curl up with a good book. For folks who love to hunt, a great lodge is simply a building surrounded by acres and acres of exceptional hunting.

Lodges for Pheasant Hunting

No South Dakota hunting trip would be complete without at least a day of pheasant hunting. While a few other states may offer this particular type of hunting, no one knows pheasants like South Dakotans. Ring-necked pheasants aren't just the state bird of South Dakota--they're a way of life! Most families go out for a pheasant hunt at least once a year, as a family or community tradition. It's an exciting and unusual form of hunting that's both challenging and fun.

In fact, pheasant hunting is so much fun that it's an ideal way to entertain clients. Business people in South Dakota often treat each other to a day or long weekend of hunting. People from all over the country fly themselves and their important clients to South Dakota for an unforgettable weekend of hunting pheasant, elk, buffalo, coyotes or fox. It's a unique way and a great place to make an impression with clients.

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