Tree Stands

Written by Amy Hall
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Tree stands are an invaluable tool when you are waiting in silence for your prey. Whether you are deer hunting or bear hunting, a camouflaged perch high up in a tree is the perfect solution to playing the waiting game. You can get a bird's eye view of the activity below you, without calling unwanted attention to yourself.

Hunting has been a part of American history since the beginning of time. We have always been hunters and gatherers, first out of necessity, and then out of sport. The thrill of the hunt is what keeps hunters coming back again and again, regardless of how successful they are in the field. Fortunately, tree stands, as well as hunting scents and duck, turkey, and goose decoys simply make it a bit easier on the hunter.

Increase Your Chances of Success with Tree Stands

Ask any hunter who comes home at the end of a long day empty handed why he hunts, and the response will most likely be, "Because I love it." There is something to be said about being outside in nature, surrounded by trees, flowers, fresh air and sunshine. Many hunters hunt for this reason, and coming home with a fresh kill is just the icing on the cake.

Tree stands can help increase your chances of making a kill by silently camouflaging you and your equipment. Stands come in various design styles, from climbers with steps to non-climbers. All stands are relatively lightweight, easy to set up, and can be taken down just as easily as it was set up. Enjoy your day out in the wilderness with hunting stands that make the thrill of the hunt much more successful.

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