Truglo Choke Tubes

Written by Amy Hall
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TruGlo choke tubes are for the serious hunter who wants a serious shot each and every time he fires his shotgun. The TruGlo choke tube is designed to deliver optimum constriction, resulting in tight, dense shot patterns at a distance. Ported tubes direct the muzzle blast away from the hunter, which reduces recoil greatly. There is consistent temper and hardness, as well as easy wrench-free installation.

If your shotgun is not giving you the results you want, it may be wise to check into getting some specialty choke tubes that can improve your shot significantly. It can also be beneficial to try various choke sizes. The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your shotgun and shotshell combination are delivering the patterns you need for success out in the woods. Whenever you reduce the choke size, you get even tighter patterns, so you may have to experiment with a few sizes before you find your niche.

TruGlo Choke Tubes for Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunters know that TruGlo choke tubes are the ultimate tools for effectively tightening their shotgun's pattern. The Titan Turkey Adjustable Choke Tube is a "screw-in" choke tube that allows you to fine tune the choke to whatever load you choose. It also allows you to quickly change settings without any tools--you simply turn the collar and click it into position. This choke accepts all turkey loads, including Hevi-Shot and it is endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The Gobble Stopper Choke Tube is a precision machined non-ported turkey tube. It also accepts all turkey loads, including Hevi-Shot. This choke has wrench-free installation and it is also endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation.

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