Turkey Calls

Written by Amy Hall
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Turkey calls are instruments that make artificial noises that are supposed to sound like real live turkeys. The goal of sounding a turkey call is to attract other turkeys to the area in which you are hunting, making it easier for you to aim and shoot. Other great turkey hunting supplies that do this are turkey decoys, which attract turkeys to the area as well.

Turkey call boxes are not just instruments to lure turkeys, they are also works of art. Many turkey calls are custom-made, using only the finest woods to create the most real-sounding turkey calls. Turkey calls can also be made out of glass that are built on a custom wood pot. And finally, some calls are made out of aluminum, slate, and other metals to produce authentic sounding turkey calls.

Turkey Calls that Will Fool the Turkey

Ok, so the whole point of a turkey call is to lure in a turkey. It may seem ridiculous, but a good turkey call will do just that. These truly are essential instruments when you are out in nature on a wild turkey hunt.

Keep in mind that you can buy a turkey call that is an original piece of art. Many craftsmen design and custom-build the turkey call to suit the requests of individual buyers. You can have your call engraved, painted, inlaid, or even covered in a leather, suede, or other animal skin. So while these are invaluable instruments while you are out on a hunt, they are also handsome enough to display in your home when you are not hunting.

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