Turkey Choke Tubes

Written by Amy Hall
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Turkey choke tubes are invaluable in terms of a successful outcome during a turkey hunt. These tools allow the hunter to adjust his shot by delivering optimum constriction, resulting in tight, dense shot patterns at a distance. Ported tubes direct the muzzle blast away from the shooter, greatly reducing recoil.

There are choke tubes designed for certain types of game hunting, turkey and deer for example. TruGlo choke tubes are a great brand to try, as they have a reputation for being durable, reliable, and easy to use. Let's take a look below at a couple of examples of turkey choke tubes that may be of interest to you wild turkey hunters out there.

Turkey Choke Tubes for A Better Shot

One of TruGlo's choke tubes for turkey hunting is called the Gobblin' Thunder Choke Tube. It is designed specifically for turkey hunters, by making most threaded 12- and 10-gauge guns highly dependable, very effective, and absolutely deadly. Conical parallel design combined with exclusive outward angled diagonal ports that improve patterns up to 20% for that better shot. Ports also reduce muzzle jump and recoil faster for more accurate follow-up shots.

Choke tubes come in different models to accommodate specific needs. They are manufactured with high grade steel and specifically adapted for different types of gun models, and they allow for tighter patterns and extended range.

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