Turkey Decoys

Written by Amy Hall
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Turkey decoys are exceptional tools to use when you are out in the field hunting wild turkey. The whole purpose of the decoy is to lure turkeys into the hunting area by strategically placing decoys in the field that look like real turkeys. Oftentimes hunters will place decoy hens in the field to lure in bigger male turkeys.

Hunters will also use a female turkey decoy and a male turkey decoy, to draw in both male and female turkeys. These turkey decoys are manufactured to be as realistic-looking as possible, and when used in conjunction with turkey calls or other turkey hunting supplies, they can yield a successful hunt. As any experienced hunter will tell you, it's not always easy bringing in a wild turkey, and many seasoned hunters have gone home at the end of a long day empty-handed.

Turkey Decoys that Fool Even the Most Skeptical Wild Turkeys

It may sound silly, but wild turkeys are pretty smart birds. They may be somewhat lacking in the looks department, but they sure as heck were born with brains that work. You'd be surprised at how tough it can actually be to successfully hunt a wild turkey, as they are not very trusting by nature.

Although the challenge lies in the hunt, remember that just being out in the fresh air among friends, is often reward enough for many hunters. Don't be discouraged if you wind up the day without a fresh kill, because there is always another chance to succeed at the sport of hunting. There are many hunters that jump at the chance to go hunting for the sheer pleasure of the whole experience, so kill or no kill, hunting can be a great pastime.

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