Turkey Hunting

Written by Amy Hall
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Turkey hunting requires three things: patience, skill, and some luck. Any experienced hunter will tell you that a long day of hunting out in the wild often results in no kill. It can be discouraging to sit and wait for the perfect moment to take aim and bring in a fresh wild turkey, only to find that that moment never arrives. Or possibly it does and you miss your target.

There are ways of improving your chances of bringing home a wild turkey at the end of the day. First, you should know that turkeys are not stupid birds, and they are very keen to the presence of humans or other predators in their living space. To help disguise yourself, you can purchase hunting scents that virtually eliminate your human odor which makes a turkey less aware of your presence. In addition, you can wear camouflage clothing that helps you blend into your surroundings.

Turkey Hunting Tips

In addition to taking the above mentioned measures, you can improve your chances of having a successful day of turkey hunting by using certain tools that lure in wild turkey. Such tools include turkey calls, that mimic the sounds that real turkeys make when they communicate with each other. To further enhance your ability to bring the turkey into your target range, you might opt to use turkey decoys.

Turkey decoys are great impostors, as they look like the real deal. You can set them up in different positions to invite wild turkeys into the area in which you are waiting to take aim. Turkey hunting can be exciting and thrilling, especially when all your hard work and strategic planning pays off.

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