Turkey Hunting Supplies

Written by Amy Hall
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Turkey hunting supplies are essential if you are planning a hunting trip for wild turkeys. If you are an experienced hunter, you probably already know what you need to make this hunt as successful and enjoyable as possible.

To begin, if you will be out in cold weather, you will need some warm camouflage clothing that will disguise you and allow you to blend in with your surroundings. Believe it or not, turkeys are not stupid animals, and they have ways of sensing your presence when you are in their territory. Additionally, to disguise yourself, you may want to purchase some sort of hunting scent that will make you as invisible to the wild turkeys' noses as possible.

Essential Turkey Hunting Supplies

In addition to warm camouflage clothing and some hunting scents, you will obviously need a rifle, a scope, and some sort of hearing protection for your ears. Turkey calls are also excellent lures and can be of great assistance to you when you are out in the field. You could also set up some turkey decoys that will attract male turkeys to your field of vision that make it easier for you to aim correctly.

These are just some of the turkey hunting supplies you could bring on your hunt. You could also bring a portable hunting blind to hide behind while you wait for your turkeys to arrive. Fanny packs and backpacks with other essentials can also be of comfort and assistance when you are out in nature.

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