Free Lucky Lotto Numbers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Many websites lure in huge traffic by offering free lucky lotto numbers. Individuals then use these numbers when buying lottery tickets, betting on sports, or entering contests. Is there any guarantee that these numbers will mean pay dirt for those who hold them? Oddly, the answer, sometimes, is yes.

Before you go and put your home up as collateral on a high-risk bet, some explanation is in order. There are never any guarantees of financial wealth made by lotto services--at least those that hope to stay solvent. There are, however, provisions in some sites' agreements that entitle users to discounts or even free services if their numbers fail to hit within a given period of time.

Who Exactly Searches for Free Lucky Lotto Numbers?

There's a common misconception that only flakes, loonies, and eternally lost souls look to lotteries for financial salvation. Next time you're in a gas station or convenience store, however, take a closer look at who's buying the scratch-off games and Instant Win tickets. You're just as likely to see sharply clad business people picking up the occasional lotto ticket as you are more unkempt and bedraggled types.

It's true that, by and large, women outnumber men when it comes to lotto hopefuls, but that doesn't mean men don't constitute a substantial part of the market. After all, it's men who overwhelmingly bet on horseracing, boxing, baseball, and football, not to mention more recreational activities such as cards, darts, and billiards. Women may tend to be more superstitious, but men are arguably the bigger gamblers.

Your Free Lucky Lotto Numbers

The free lucky lotto numbers you receive aren't simply generated by a machine. There are undoubtedly companies that offer free lucky lotto numbers based on nothing more than the whims of a random-number generator, but most businesses have at least some method to their madness. More often than not, this method is numerology.

Numerology is a belief system that holds that certain numbers possess intrinsic qualities and that those qualities are often reflected in people tied to those numbers. Who or what decides your particular numbers? Well, the numerical value of your name and birthday are the two biggest factors, but the time of day at which you were born, the number of vowels in your name, and other calculations also tie in.

Numerology and Free Lucky Lotto Numbers

Many people swear that there is a direct relationship between one's "chart" and success or failure in life. Hence, a strong demand exists for services (performed by "numerologists") that calculate and interpret these numbers, even by those who don't dub themselves superstitious. While a good number of sites charge you for the privilege of receiving your chart, others perform a basic reading for free, then charge for "premium" services.

Your free lucky lotto numbers are a direct outgrowth of your numerological tables, which may be crunched in a number of ways. Before you go and sign up for your free lucky lotto numbers, consider that some numerologists use the "Pythagorean" approach while others use the "Chaldean" method. You'll find companies that use your "master numbers" in issuing your free lucky lotto numbers, while others look to your "birth path" or "heart's desire" numbers instead. As you can see, there are a multitude of variables that go into the mix.

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