Individual Lotto Numbers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Do people really have their own individual lotto numbers? Believers in things like the zodiac, numerology, and mysticism in general tend to think that yes, each human being has certain numbers with intrinsic qualities that match up with human traits and dispositions. Thus, some numbers manifest themselves through those people's words, deeds, and thoughts and are therefore better choices in games of chance.

A healthy skepticism is fair and even useful; even the greatest mystics would agree that it's foolish to place all your money on fate, regardless of how strongly you feel it's in your favor. Things such as vibes and hunches may play a role in your successes and failures, not just in games of chance, but throughout your entire life. That said, there is a difference between following one's instincts and hoping for a fortunate flip of the coin.

Signing Up for Your Individual Lotto Numbers

Picking up your individual lotto numbers each day, week, or month from a free website poses no real danger in and of itself. Frequently, however, a fortune-telling company will offer individual lotto numbers for free in the hope of roping subscribers into "premium" features such as extensive readings and horoscopes. This is how the majority of online numerology sites sustain themselves.

If you think about it, these companies have no other choice. The basics of numerology are freely available online and allow web surfers to calculate their own charts and interpret the results without the help of a so-called expert. All it takes is a breakdown chart, a few simple equations, and a translation key that matches numbers up with their inherent expressions.

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