Lottery Numerology

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Some people turn to lottery numerology for help in choosing the numbers they regularly play. It is their belief that their chart will reveal certain essential truths about their characters, desires, fears, and hopes, and all in a convenient numerical format. Why then shouldn't these folks play the numbers that are uniquely their own?

Proponents of lottery numerology insist that numbers are inextricably tied to aptitudes and characters, and that the relative presence or lack of these numbers indicates their strength or weakness. An eight, for example, correlates with status and power; those born on August 8 may have strong predilections for material goods and wealth. Someone with a high concentration of sevens, on the other hand, tends to be contemplative and analytical.

Is There Any Truth to Lottery Numerology?

Have you ever willingly sought out a fortune-teller? Do you regularly read your horoscope? If not, you're unlikely to put much stock in lottery numerology. For those with wider tolerances for mysticism, however, there's a certain elegant appeal of numerology, for it synthesizes a host of complex traits and predispositions into simple, everyday numbers.

Skeptics maintain that there are predictable statistical distributions that apply to lottery winners. The owners of free lotto number sites are therefore able to pick and choose a few testimonials from winners, then use them to support their claims of accuracy. Believers, on the other hand, maintain that while some degree of luck is required, it's the right attitude and persistence that eventually earn big rewards.

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