Lucky Lottery Numbers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Are your lucky lottery numbers identical to those of the person sitting next to you? If you sign up to receive your numbers through a free site, there's a pretty good bet that they are. This begs the question: if they're your lucky lottery numbers, how come somebody else has them too? What's more, if you somehow do manage to win, doesn't that mean you'll be splitting your jackpot with that person?

The best numerology sites on the Web issue you your very own numbers, and these are numbers that no one else receives. If the numbers corresponding to your particular chart have already been taken, you'll be granted a different (but related) set, perhaps a subset of your "basic" numbers or even your "karmic" or "master" numbers.

How To Play Your Lucky Lottery Numbers

You're always free to play your lucky lottery numbers in any fashion you choose, but there are a few guidelines that can help. If you've received your daily numbers and will continue to do so, don't simply hang onto them indefinitely. Part of the value of a subscription service is that you receive fresh numbers each day, which defeats the whole "buy and hold" strategy.

A second consideration is the type of lucky lotto numbers you've received. Playing three of your Pick 4 numbers in the Pick 3 gives you no better odds than pulling any three numbers at random. Your specific numbers have been developed for you in accordance with the game you've chosen. You may opt for three, four, five, or more numbers, bonus numbers, and other daily specials, but these aren't meant to be interchangeable.

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