Gambling Rules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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There are so many gambling rules, I couldn't possibly list them all here. Every game has its own unique set of guidelines, rules, and etiquette, and its own secrets to success. What I can do is pick one game, let's say Roulette, and lay out some of its basic rules.

Gambling Rules for Roulette

Some of the most important rules you'll need to know govern what is called "outside" betting. When I say outside betting, I mean bets that exist outside the numerical spectrum. Put another way, you are not betting on any specific number, but rather on a set of numbers or a color. The outside bets are low/high, odd/even, black/red, dozens, or columns.

To bet on red or black, put your chips in the area on the table with those colors. To bet odd or even, put your chips on the table in the boxes marked odd or even. To bet low (numbers one through 18) or high (19-36) put your chips in the boxes marked with those numbers. To bet columns, put your chips in the two to one box that corresponds to a particular column. To bet dozens, put your chips in the first, second, or third (referring to the groups of numbers one through 12, 13-24, and 25-36) boxes on the table.

Odd/even, low/high, and red/black bets are the so called even money bets because your chances are roughly 50/50. Columns and dozens bets pay more, two to one, because the odds are less. Remember, once the dealer calls "No more bets," you cannot touch your chips or change your bet.

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