Gambling Secrets

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Human beings have been in love with gambling for a long, long time. Games of chance have been played in human cultures since history began being recorded, and I've not doubt they were played long before that. The thrill and excitement inherent in gambling is one reason it is has been enjoyed for so long.

The Secrets of Gambling?

Because gambling has been around for such a long time and is enjoyed by so many people, there seem to be few secrets left. At some point or another, almost every strategy has been tried in order to increase a person's chances of winning. Some of these strategies were legal, others were down right devious.

Yes, there are definitely few secrets left, but that doesn't mean that knowledge of the game is evenly distributed. Though the information is out there, not everyone has access to every strategy and some are closely guarded. They might not be secrets in the true sense, but they are available on a limited basis.

For a long time, people claimed to have perfected systems that could shift the odds in favor of the player. Most of these systems, however, were based on statistics. Statistically based systems do not work because casino games are independent trial games. This means that every new spin of the wheel is independent of previous and future spins and therefore has as completely independent outcome. Some systems, like those based on physics, have better results and are worth your further investigation.

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