New York Casinos

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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New York casinos are no different from their Las Vegas or Atlantic City counterparts. You still get the same thrill of big-time gambling with all its adrenaline rushes, ringing bells, and jackpots. And you get the exact same odds you'd expect to find in those other resort towns. So what makes New York casinos different?

New York casinos are only based out of New York--the actual site of the action can be hundreds, even thousands of miles away from the Empire State. The bad news is you'll have to scratch that little detour you were planning for your next Big Apple trip, because there's no physical casino to visit. The good news, on the other hand, is that the gaming instead comes directly to you.

The Rise of Internet Casinos

Well before e-commerce and interactive gaming were realities, many people dreamed of the Internet's market potential. Its applications, they fairly reasoned, have got to extend beyond sending e-mail and other files. Well, they were right. Online casinos arguably represent the Internet at its fullest capabilities. How so, you ask?

An online casino practically replicates the experience of a real-world casino. Like Vegas or Atlantic City--or Monte Carlo, for that matter--online casinos are populated by people of all cultures and all walks. Anyone with an internet connection is welcome, and there's no need to slog through the desert in a beat-up station wagon to play. But the authenticity of the virtual experience doesn't stop there.

The Attraction of New York Casinos

New York casinos employ the same rules and regulations as those you'd find at the Hard Rock or Mandalay Bay. The roulette wheels still have 36 numbers (and two greens, of course), the shoes are still stocked with five or six decks, and the Texas Holdem poker is still an object lesson in bluffing. Better still, New York casinos boast a superior graphic user interface that convincingly recreates the look and feel of the one-arm bandit, the green felt table, and the tumbling dice.

With online gaming, the odds are exactly the same as those you'd find in a real live casino, as are the stakes. While this can up the ante (literally), it can also be dangerous for those with gambling addictions, and nearly all online casinos are quick to point this out. By basing their servers outside the United States, the founders of online casinos are able to legally offer high-stakes betting on everything from craps and poker to hoops and horseracing.

How New York Casinos Work

New York casinos set users up with their own personal accounts, to and from which money is easily transferable. This may be in the form of a wire transaction, a credit card payment, or any of a number of possible online transfer mechanisms, but the money is still very, very real. Most gaming sites will let you try their tables for free with no stakes whatsoever. Once this trial period ends, though, you must make an initial deposit to continue playing. Other sites let you play for free to your heart's content.

If you're like most folks, you undoubtedly have many lingering questions, even doubts, about online gaming. In the pages that follow, you'll learn all about how online casinos operate. You'll also get a primer on some of your favorite games from roulette to twenty one, just in case you've grown a bit rusty. And you'll also get a few choice tips on how to beat the house and take home some real winnings.

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