Omaha Hi Lo

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Omaha Hi Lo is a Holdem game with some similarities to the more popular Texas Holdem, but with a few important differences, one of them a very odd one. Each player must make a hand using two of the four cards he was dealt and three of the five cards that are available to every player. In Hi Lo, the player with the highest hand splits the pot with the player with the lowest.

This "battle for the basement" sets Omaha Hi Lo well apart from the pack and makes for a unique experience with compelling game play. Omaha players report it takes some getting used to this hunt for the lowest hand, and it sparks different strategies than other poker games do. As with any Omaha poker game, the quality of one's hand is much more important than betting strategies.

You Take the High Road . . .

In Omaha Hi Lo, even the best hand will only let you take half of the pot, so patience and strategy are required. This game is more popular in the UK and Europe than it is in the United States, which makes online play a popular option. Playing with low pot limits until the nuances of the game are mastered is always a good idea.

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