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Written by Pete Nicholls
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A common misconception among card players is that video card games are rigged. Table games seem more legitimate, because the dealers break open fresh decks of cards in front of the participants. Rest assured that when you're playing online blackjack on your home PC, the odds are exactly the same as they would be with a live dealer.

Are Online Casinos Fair?

Internet casinos do not have to rig the games. The odds are in their favor. Regardless of your personal success, they will always make money in the long run. The casinos have much more to lose in being discovered as cheaters than they have to gain by fixing the deals. As long as the casino is licensed by a respectable gaming commission, there's very little to worry about. All casinos are subject to extensive auditing. Their machines are checked regularly and without notice, so they really have to stay honest to ensure they do not get shut down.

The Random Number Generator program used by online casinos has a mind of its own. Any given playing card will appear, on average, once out of every 52 draws. As in real life, there are no decipherable patterns as to when a particular card will be drawn from a deck.

Before doing business with an internet casino, you should always verify its legitimacy. Most sites are completely legal and have passed regular inspections. You can employ the same strategies on these sites that you would use at any other casino.

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