Online Casino Baccarat

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Online casino baccarat (pronounced BAK-UH-RAH) is easy to follow, even if you've never played before. The idea is to choose one of three possible scenarios--a dealer win, a player win, or a tie. There is really very little (if any) skill involved since you're only gambling on these three outcomes. Many baccarat players make their wagers on instinct alone. Others simply flip a coin.

The hand that wins is the one closest to a total of nine. As with twenty one, the winner in online casino baccarat is the one whose cards add up to the set sum, only in baccarat there is no bust card. Totals that exceed nine have their first numeral lopped off. Hence, a three and an eight yields a total of one, which is the weakest hand you can manage.

More About Online Casino Baccarat

Online baccarat, like regular baccarat, is generally played with eight decks in a shoe, or "bank." A player selects a "cut" card, the value of which determines how many additional cards are "burned" or lost. Once those cards have been cast aside, the shoe is ready and the game may begin. At that point, each player receives two cards. If they add up to eight or nine this is called a "natural," and is considered a winning hand. If both player and dealer turn naturals, it results in a tie.

The stakes in this game are decided by the player and produce a 1:1 payoff. The only exception is the case of tie, which yields an 8:1 payoff. But that windfall is commensurate with its risk, and since ties occur in less than one of every 10 hands, this is not considered a wise bet. But as with other casino games, it can be fun to "go big" once or twice in baccarat and hope for the best.

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