Online Casino Keno

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Online casino keno is virtually the same as playing your state lottery, only you have a few more options and the "drawing" itself is a bit more fun. Though rules vary from house to house, the standard layout is a basic 80-space numbered board. In each game, 20 different numbers are drawn. The idea is to match as many of these numbers, or hits, as they're known, as possible.

The fun comes in the various permutations online casino keno offers. You can choose anywhere from one on up to 10 numbers, then receive payouts proportionate with your odds. Obviously, choosing 10 numbers of 80, then having all 10 of them hit is a rather unlikely scenario. Nevertheless, if it does materialize, you may stand to walk with tens of thousands of dollars.

Online Casino Keno: The Conservative Version

If shooting the moon isn't your cup of tea--let's just say you have more CDs in your investment portfolio than you do commodities--you're welcome to choose one number. You then have a 10-in-80 (or one-in-eight) chance of hitting, which comes out to roughly 12 percent odds--not bad by lottery standards. Choosing this route, however, eliminates some of the fun.

If you choose, say, four numbers, you may be rewarded for hitting three of the four (as well as four of four, naturally), so your odds of "winning" are somewhat higher. As you'll come to find, all online casino games are about relative risk and reward. But unlike online craps or blackjack, keno comes with little potential for staggering losses as well. Most keno games cap their bets at five dollars, which you can probably stand to lose. If not, you shouldn't be gambling in the first place--you should be looking for a job.

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