Online Casinos

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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In surfing the Web, you've undoubtedly come across pop-up ads for online casinos. This isn't because the proprietors of these casinos are secretly targeting you as a potential customer. Rather, ambiguous gaming laws have been so widely exploited that there are literally thousands of online gambling sites across the Internet.

Online casinos offer the same excitement as "offline" or "real" casinos. Don't let this distinction fool you, though; the stakes in any online casino are very real, which means there's a potentially huge upside as well as downside. Even if you're only given a small discretionary fund to start (many casinos offer introductory dollars to lure in users), it's easy for that sum to become considerable without too much effort.

Paying for Online Casinos

The reason for this is that online casinos are increasingly accepting more and more forms of payment. While some gaming sites will take personal checks, it often takes over a week for these funds to clear since they're being processed by off-shore companies outside the country. No matter how hard you look, you'll never find an online casino that lets you gamble with pending funds.

A more common route, however, is the wire transfer, credit card payment, or Pay Pal account, all of which can free up funds immediately. If you win, most casinos will pay out in whatever form you used to make your deposit. In some cases, casinos will even send money directly back to the credit card from which it was drawn.

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