Online Craps

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Why is online craps such a great game for beginners? Well, in the casino at least, there always seems to be a bit more spirit surrounding the craps table. No other game can match craps when it comes to uniting a crowd, especially when a hot shooter has the dice. Many people fear casino gambling because they don't want to face other gamblers. With craps, they never have to.

Craps can look confusing from afar but is actually a fairly straight-forward game. A shooter takes his or her turn at the table by rolling a pair of dice in what is called the "come out" roll. The purpose of that come out roll is to establish a "point," which can be four, five, six, eight, nine, or 10. A roll of two, three, or twelve, and the shooter has rolled craps. For the most part, that means everybody at the table loses (though it is possible, though rarely advisable, to bet against the shooter).

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By the same token, if the shooter throws a seven or 11, everybody at the table usually wins (again, you may bet against the shooter). If a point is established, the shooter continues throwing the dice until he or she matches that point again. If that happens before the shooter rolls craps, everyone who's bet on the shooter (that is, on the pass line) wins. If craps come up before the point is matched, those same bettors lose.

Online craps functions just like regular craps, only without all the spirit and fanfare. Many programs do a fine job, however, of recreating this virtual audience thanks to software innovations that approximate the real casino experience. If you're looking for online casino games that offer a potentially huge upside without requiring any knowledge of advanced strategy, craps might be for you. If you like your internet gambling a bit more cerebral, perhaps it's time to suss out the game of bridge instead.

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