Online Slots

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Online slots are one of the biggest draws of all internet casino games. Because there's really no strategy involved, even those who've never gambled before can step right up, pull the lever, and cash out big. In fact, it seems that beginners have a monopoly on huge payouts; just ask anyone who's just been buried in quarters and you'll undoubtedly learn that they've never been to a casino in their life until that day.

Another major attraction of online slots is their lack of rules. One of the biggest fears newcomers have to the world of gaming is that they'll bungle the rules and either look foolish, ruin the game for other players, or some combination thereof. With online slots, there are no rules whatsoever, so there's no one to disappoint but yourself.

The Appeal of Online Slots

Yet another draw offered by online slots is their low marginal cost. Most slots cost but a quarter to play, though there are nickel slots for the especially stingy. The cost of losing is somehow much more reasonable when everything you stand to lose jingles rather than folds. Of course, there are dollar slots as well (even five-dollar and 100-dollar slots), which offer bigger payouts for the increased risk.

Slot machines are a great transition into other games such as twenty one or roulette. Oftentimes, all people need is the first-hand proof that anybody can emerge a winner, even if most everybody will come out a loser. Online slots appeal to newcomers as one of the most democratic forms of gambling around, especially when compared with games such as Holdem, which require complex betting strategies.

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