Bushnell Speedster Speed Guns

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Bushnell Speedster speed guns are handheld devices capable of clocking the speed of any moving object. They are ideal for use at sporting events such as baseball games and auto racing, where they can track speeds and keep statistics on the previous and average times recorded. Using radar and DSP (Digital Signal Processing), these guns can accurately determine speed to within 1 MPH.

Bushnell Speedster Speed Guns For Sporting

As any sports enthusiast knows, there are many instances where it would be useful to know the speed of an object in play. A coach can get valuable information from knowing how fast pitchers are throwing the ball, or the speed of a tennis player's serve. Anyone watching an auto race can keep track of the speeds of the different cars and determine who is likely to win. Knowing their speeds help athletes see what needs improvement so that they can better focus their training.

A digital display on Bushnell Speedster speed guns shows the speed of the object. The angle from which the measurement is taken does affect the reading, so for accuracy it is important to take the reading from the correct location. For baseball, it's best to stand behind the pitcher or catcher. For tennis, accurate readings are more likely when you are behind the server. Releasing the trigger will lock in the speed measurement. Best results are achieved after practice in timing the lock-in.

When speed is an important element of your outdoor activity, it's handy to have a tool that can help you determine how fast the objects are moving. These readings can be used to make comparisons between athletes and participants, to improve performance or just for your own knowledge. Bushnell Speedster speed guns give accurate measurements of speed so that you can more fully enjoy the experience.

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