Cb Radios

Written by Beth Hrusch
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CB radios are a means of two-way communication that first became widely popular in the late 1970s. Designed to act as both a transmitter and a receiver, they were especially useful to truck drivers who used them to keep in touch while on the road. CB stands for "citizens band", in reference to the fact that anyone can use a CB unit without needing to license it with the FCC.

CB Radios Help You Communicate

The role of the CB radio has evolved over the last few decades. In the past this kind of radio was almost a fad with the general public, used in vehicles to warn other motorists of police activity and to impart other information. Hobbyists had them in their homes, to check in on the communications of other CB radio aficionados. These fans of the CB had their own lingo and even their own monikers.

Today, CB radios are still a means of communicating, but they are often used in a variety of situations. Outdoor enthusiasts use the CB radio to keep in touch while out in the field or in the woods. Hand held units can be taken anywhere to monitor the weather and be apprised of any emergency alerts. Some CB units come with a public address mode.

Whether at or away from home, CB radios can be an effective method of two-way communication. In situations where you need to get weather information or need the help of other CB radio operators, they can be invaluable tools. When in unfamiliar territory, a CB radio can be a lifeline to the outside world and a way to keep in touch with a hiking partner or family back at camp. They are available from outdoor sporting stores and electronics stores.

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