Cobra Gpa Power Cords

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Cobra GPA 12VC 7 Ft. DC power cords are designed to bring in-vehicle power to GPS receivers. They are similar to the cords that plug into a vehicle's power point to power cell phones and other equipment. When traveling with a GPS unit, this is an essential accessory as it charges the unit to bring it to full power. When you reach your destination your GPS will be ready to give you hours of service.

Cobra GPA 12VC 7 Ft. DC Power Cords Create Instant Power

This cord is made for use with GPS-100, GPS-500, and GPS-1000 units. Though each of these units are different from each other in their options and technology, they all use the same power cord. A seven-foot length makes the Cobra GPA a versatile cord that can reach into the back seat, if necessary. This means that anyone in the vehicle can use the GPS unit while it's charging up on the road.

With Cobra GPA 12VC 7 Ft. DC power cords, your GPS unit will always be able to give you the information you need. When you can't wait until you arrive at your destination to get weather or cartographical information, you can use your receiver while it is still charging. A good power cord will ensure that you are never without the navigational tool you need on the road or out in the field.

The right accessories are like a support system for the tools you use on the road or out on your next adventure. Without them, you could find yourself lacking the information you need to get where you are going or navigate the way back. Cobra GPA 12VC 7 Ft. DC power cords are one of those critical items that no serious weekend warrior should be without. If you own a GPS unit, you are likely to need one at some point.

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