Etrex For Gps

Written by Beth Hrusch
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One of Garmin's most popular line of receivers is the eTrex for GPS. These small handheld units are compact and easy to operate, even with one hand. Lightweight and easy to fit into a gear bag, they are ideal for outdoor adventure. With just a few buttons and a waterproof housing, the eTrex is a user-friendly navigational tool that will take the outdoorsman anywhere.

Etrex For GPS Receivers Go Anywhere

Some eTrex units are a small as 2 x 4 inches and fit into the palm of the hand. Useful features include Tracback technology that will reverse your track log and help you find the way back. Etrex will also store up to 500 waypoints, displaying them with icons and animated graphics. Twelve parallel channels pick up satellite data from the GPS network and the unit will run for 22 hours on two AA batteries.

Built-in databases come pre-loaded with some eTrex for GPS units. Information on cities worldwide is available, along with maps and geographical information. Other units have altimeters and compasses to measure ascent and descent rates, ideal for rock climbers. Garmin MapSource software can be downloaded into most eTrex units, which accept an average of 8 MB of downloaded material.

The eTrex for GPS is a versatile navigational tool. Its compact size and light weight make it a convenient way to get information and stay on track when in unfamiliar territory. There are several models, all with different features that suit a variety of needs. Utilizing the latest navigation technology, these portable units keep the adventurer in touch and informed about his or her surroundings.

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