Fortune Hunter Metal Detectors

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Fortune Hunter metal detectors are part of the Bounty Hunter line of detectors, which also includes other kinds of detectors and accessories for this growing hobby. A Fortune Hunter detector has the basic features and design common to all metal detectors, with options that help the searcher get a more accurate reading and therefore enjoy greater success.

Fortune Hunter Metal Detectors Make it Easy

A metal detector can be used to find buried treasure anywhere. Many people find that the thrill of discovering what lies beneath the ground gets them hooked on this activity. A Fortune Hunter detector has a coil that senses the metal, a shaft that connects the coil to the control box, which contains the microprocessor and circuitry, and a stabilizer to hold the unit steady. Coils are interchangeable and waterproof.

Sensitivity can be adjusted on Fortune Hunter metal detectors. Audible signals alert you to the presence of metal. The unit can distinguish between different kinds of metal, thus helping you determine whether it is worth getting the spade out. In this way, the detector can help you sort out the junk from anything of value. Some rock has a high metallic content, for example, and this interferes with the readings.

Fortune Hunter metal detectors have advanced technology that gives the hobbyist the best chance of finding good quality metal objects. With its sensitivity to different kinds of metal, the search for valuable coins and other relics becomes more efficient and therefore more enjoyable. They are available at online sporting stores.

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