Laser Detector With Accusweeps

Written by Beth Hrusch
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When looking for a radar detector that has advanced functions, consider a laser detector with Accusweeps. This technology is featured on many high-end detectors, along with a host of other features designed to enhance the performance of your radar detector and ensure the best protection from police radar that you can get. They are all intended to make the motorist feel more secure about what lies ahead.

A Laser Detector with Accusweeps Adds Precision

When scanning frequencies used by police radar, laser detectors often encounter interference and extraneous "noise". This is caused by the other electronic devices that share frequencies. An accurate reading of police radar can be hard to get unless the detector is sensitive enough to tune out all other signals. Accusweep lets your radar detector scan for and pinpoint narrow radar bands.

Accusweep gives you the option of scanning just a portion of the radar bandwidth, so that you can find the ones most commonly used by law enforcement. This eliminates much of the interference that gives false readings. A laser detector with Accusweeps is capable of giving more accurate warnings, so that the motorist can be confident that the alert sounds only when in the presence of police radar.

New technology has made radar detectors more useful to the motorist. A laser detector with Accusweeps is one example of this. With it, the capabilities of the radar detector are enhanced, and the average driver can be confident that he or she is getting the best protection on the market. While no system is foolproof, Accusweeps does give the driver a distinct advantage while traveling.

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