Laser Detector With Strobe Alerts

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A new advance in electronic technology is the laser detector with Strobe Alerts. With this device, a motorist will be alerted not only to the presence of radar but to the approach of emergency vehicles as well. Detectors that have this feature are connected to a network of vehicles equipped with Strobe Alert systems.

The Laser Detector with Strobe Alerts Keep Motorists Safe

Strobe Alert involves the same technology that allows emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances and EMT vehicles to control traffic lights. This is done with strobe emitters that can signal the lights to change. An ambulance, using this technology, can ensure that cars at a busy intersection get a red light as the vehicle approaches. This avoids the possibility of accidents that occur when people have to get out of the way quickly.

A laser detector with Strobe Alerts will pick up on these strobe emitters and alert the driver that an emergency vehicle is approaching. They are tuned to the strobe frequency. Other features of these detectors add to their usefulness. Voice alerts come on some models, cloaking devices protect the vehicle from detection and a 360 degree range ensures that no police radar will be missed.

These advanced detectors are compact, and some can be mounted under the dash to make them less conspicuous. Their features offer the best protection currently available to motorists who want to keep moving and stay safe on the road. A laser detector with Strobe Alerts can ensure that any emergency vehicles encountered will be given safe passage, which benefits everyone involved.

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