Laser Detector With Voice Alerts

Written by Beth Hrusch
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One of the benefits of a laser detector with voice alerts is the fact that a human voice often gets your attention when a beep might just be tuned out, or mistaken for microwave interference. These detectors use advanced technology to simulate a voice when warning you of the presence of police radar. Combined with other features, they give you the latest in protection while on the road.

A Laser Detector With Voice Alerts Gives You Warning

Not long ago, a typical radar detector offered the basic audible warning, usually a series of beeps. These units were not as selective in blocking out other kinds of radio frequencies. Thus, a motorist would often be alerted to the presence of microwaves, cell phones and other electronic devices in the area. Often it was impossible to know if the warning truly was police radar.

New technology means that now, you can get a laser detector with voice alerts, electronic compasses, cloaking capabilities and safety warning systems. They can block out interference, so that you are confident about the alerts you get. A digital voice warns of radar, and settings allow you to adjust the sensitivity and range for city or country driving.

Radar detectors help motorists avoid speeding tickets, which keeps them moving and saves valuable time. A laser detector with voice alerts adds to the confidence and security of the driver, who knows that with this advanced technology he or she will always be apprised of the situations into which they are driving. Many features are available, each designed for almost any conditions encountered by the motorist.

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