Night Vision Binoculars

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Night vision binoculars utilize technology first developed by the military for purposes of surveillance and navigation. While they are still used extensively for these reasons, these binoculars have become popular for a variety of civilian activities. For example, giving people the capability to see in the dark has opened up new opportunities for outdoorsmen and adventurers to more fully experience nature.

Night Vision Binoculars for Outdoor Sports

Night vision works in two ways, namely through image enhancement and thermal imaging. Both methods capture light and amplify it so that the eye can pick it up. This light is part of the spectrum that is not normally discernible. When it is gathered using night vision technology, one can look through the binoculars and see objects that are more vivid than their surroundings, their contrast depending on how much light and heat they emit.

Anyone working in low-light situations can benefit from this technology. Hunters, campers, hikers and outdoor adventurers can make use of night vision binoculars. They can give the hunter the ability to see prey in the dark, and get a better shot at it. When in the woods or on the trail, hikers and campers can have a better sense of their surroundings. Night vision can give a sense of security when in unfamiliar territory and working in the dark.

The features available on night vision binoculars vary among models. Auto focus, special coatings and differences in magnification values all affect price and quality. Determine your uses for them when making a selection. An outdoor sporting store that specializes in night vision will have a variety of models that will help you achieve your goals while on your outdoor adventure.

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