Night Vision Goggles

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Night vision goggles are becoming an important accessory for a variety of activities. Originally designed for military use, they are now available to anyone who is operating in low-or no-light situations. Outdoor sports and adventure in particular can benefit from the use of night vision, and is frequently used by hunters, campers and hikers. These goggles work in two different ways, depending on what kind of technology is used.

Night Vision Goggles Increase Outdoor Enjoyment

Night vision works in two ways. Image enhancement technology gathers any available light, including the lower portion of the infrared light spectrum, and amplifies it so that the eye can see it. Thermal imaging gathers light from the upper portion of the infrared light spectrum, which is manifested as heat. Warm bodies emit more heat and show up as a brighter green than objects such as plants.

When hunting in the dark, for instance, night vision goggles can improve chances for success by revealing warm and moving bodies that would otherwise remain hidden. Campers can scan their surroundings for large animals or other items of interest. Hiking and other outdoor activities can be more enjoyable with the knowledge of what lies ahead.

There are a variety of features that come as options on night vision goggles. An outdoor sporting store can help you choose the ones that will serve your purpose. Accessories such as camera adaptors and detachable head sets make them more versatile for a variety of needs. Night vision applies advanced technology to everyday activities and makes them more enjoyable and efficient.

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