Northstar Telescopes

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Bushnell Northstar telescopes offer a sophisticated option in night-sky viewing. Designed for astronomical observation, this telescope has the capability to locate and track over 20,000 objects in the sky, using a built-in database. Amateurs and professionals alike can use the information stored in this telescope to identify and describe celestial bodies that come into view.

Northstar Telescopes Have Advanced Features

The Northstar makes astronomical viewing more interesting and fun with the use of the Real Voice feature, that describes the objects in a human voice. A handheld control module lets the user direct the telescope to the item of interest then lock in on it. The object is then automatically tracked. This feature allows the user to focus on what he or she is seeing and learn more about celestial bodies while viewing them in detail.

A finderscope pinpoints objects in the sky using a red dot LED. The control module is back-lit to minimize distraction to the user. Two lenses with magnification powers of 20mm and 4mm come with the telescope, each coated to ensure clear, distortion-free imaging. Northstar telescopes are reflector telescopes, which means that they use mirrors to achieve magnification.

Whether you are an amateur astronomer or simply want to get an introduction to night sky viewing, Northstar telescopes have features that will make it easy to locate and learn about the heavenly bodies. It is compatible with tripods for stationary viewing either indoors or out. These telescopes are available online at outdoor sporting stores.

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