Optical Tripods

Written by Beth Hrusch
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For telescope viewing out in the field or in your own home, optical tripods are essential accessories. They keep your telescope level and stationary when you need to get a good line of sight, and they help stabilize the image. Whether you are bird watching, star gazing or anything in between, a good tripod will make the experience more successful and rewarding.

Optical Tripods Keep Your Telescope Steady

Today's tripods for use with cameras, binoculars and telescopes are made to adapt to many different kinds of units. Mounting screws and posts fit the telescope to the tripod and can be tightened to the desired tension. Adapters allow the serious outdoor sportsman to attach binoculars to a tripod in order to observe birds or hunt without bringing along a bulky telescope.

A number of accessories can enhance the functionality of optical tripods. When using heavy photographic equipment with a tripod, you can attach a special weight as a counter balance. Rubber disks under the feet of the tripod dampen vibrations and help keep the image steady. Tripods are available in table top or floor models. A photographer would want a standing tripod most of the time, but for astronomical observation from the home or office a table top model would be more practical and take up less room.

The choices in optical tripods are many. Their versatility allows the sportsman to take them into the field or leave them at home. Tripods make outdoor sports easier and more enjoyable during activities when it is important to get a good view or picture. They are also an indispensable assistant to the photographer or amateur astronomer looking to catch that perfect moment.

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