Pioneer Metal Detectors

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pioneer metal detectors make it easy to find buried treasure, with features designed to block out interference from undesirable metal objects and allow you to adjust sensitivity. Pioneer is a product in the Bounty Hunter line, which includes detectors and related accessories. You can get Pioneer detectors with or without some advanced features, depending on the type of items you are looking for and the terrain you are dealing with.

Pioneer Metal Detectors Find Treasure

An important feature that is unique to Pioneer detectors is the automatic Smart Trac, which adjusts the unit to ignore feedback from rock mineralization. One of the problems faced by hobbyists when metal detecting is the false alarm generated by these readings. There is a lot of metal in the ground that occurs naturally, and it is best to have a detector that can filter out the interference that this causes.

Other features of Pioneer metal detectors are different tones that distinguish between metals of value and those that should be ignored. Sensitivity adjustments control the amount of feedback from metal sources. Interchangeable waterproof coils are able to detect metal even in wet and salty conditions, or in areas where there is a high mineral content.

The use of Pioneer metal detectors increases your chances of finding treasure efficiently, without a lot of time wasted pursuing metal in the rocks or worthless metal items. Their sensitivity to the type of metal in the ground and ability to tune out interference make them one of the most popular brands of metal detectors on the market. They are available at sporting and hobby stores.

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