Radar Laser Detectors

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Radar laser detectors are receivers that are tuned to the frequency range used by police radar. They are designed to sound an alarm when police radar is detected. They can be equipped to merely detect the radar, or to detect and jam the radar. Jamming devices interfere with the signal that comes back to the policeman, making it impossible for him or her to get an accurate reading.

Radar Laser Detectors Protect the Motorist

A basic radar detector will pick up police radar using radio signals in much the same way that an AM/FM radio picks up stations. As long as local police do not expand their frequency range, a radar detector will be effective in catching all of their signals. As soon as the police do expand their range, the motorist will need to upgrade their detection device.

The latest radar laser detectors have advanced features that provide other options for motorists. Some have voice alerts and digital compass headings. Certain models can alert you to the approach of emergency vehicles. Special mounting on some detectors put the unit out of sight and thus make it less conspicuous. Most will give 360 degrees of protection from police radar.

The use of radar laser detectors affords the motorist some peace of mind when traveling. One hundred percent protection from radar is not possible, but radar detectors give you the best chance at escaping police radar when exceeding the speed limit. Electronics and outdoor stores have a wide selection of detectors with features suited for long and short distance travel.

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