Reflector Telescopes

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Reflector telescopes are one kind of telescope that is commonly used for many activities, including astronomical viewing and outdoor activities. Its construction is relatively simple, and it can produce a range of magnification values. The type of telescope you choose will depend on the purpose for which you use it.

Reflector Telescopes Reveal Distant Objects

Unlike refractor telescopes that use lenses to achieve magnification, reflector telescopes use mirrors. The main components of this telescope are the primary mirror and the eyepiece. The primary mirror collects light and gathers it into a focus or point. The eyepiece takes the light and spreads it out, or magnifies it. By doing so, it causes the image to take up more of the eye's retina and therefore appear larger.

The advantage that reflectors have over refractors is that the use of mirrors eliminates the problem of chromatic aberration, or the rainbow effect that sometimes occurs with lenses. Attached to a tripod, they are useful for stationary observation such as star-gazing and bird-watching. When engaged in outdoor sporting, these telescopes provide clear, sharp images even when the object is at a great distance.

The use of reflector telescopes has made a variety of activities more enjoyable. It has also led to discoveries about the natural world that have increased human understanding and improved lives. For the sportsman, a good reflector can enhance the outdoor experience and bring the user closer to nature. They are available through online suppliers of sporting and outdoor equipment.

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