Rugged Binoculars

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The demands of outdoor activities call for a pair of rugged binoculars, designed to withstand the elements and rough treatment. When in the field or woods, an outdoorsman's gear is his lifeline and a way to accomplish the goal, whether it be hunting, fishing or birdwatching. Binoculars made for this kind of use are a valuable piece of equipment.

Rugged Binoculars for the Sportsman

Binoculars made for prolonged outdoor use will be constructed with certain features. Look for a waterproof housing, sealed with gaskets and made from rubber or silicone. Excluding water is the most important factor in preventing fogging and prolonging the life of the binoculars. Some models are even built to withstand total immersion in water, which makes them handy in wet or snowy conditions.

Non-slip rubber bodies will give the sportsman an advantage when out in the rain or snow. Rubber also insulates rugged binoculars to keep them functioning properly when it's cold outside. Coated optics will render clear, bright images and nitrogen ensures fog-free operation similar to that of insulated windows. These binoculars often come with some of the same features that other models have. Distortion-free lenses and a choice between porro and compact roof prism styles are both available in weatherproof binoculars.

If you count on your gear when in the outdoors, a pair of rugged binoculars are indispensable. Durable construction protects today's outdoor binoculars from the elements without sacrificing magnification power or quality of the image. This makes these binoculars versatile and useful for a variety of situations. You can find them at outdoor sporting stores and at retailers specializing in good-quality outdoor gear.

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