Safety Alert Traffic Warning Receivers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Safety Alert traffic warning receivers are made by the Cobra Electronics Company, a manufacturer of electronic devices specializing in personal two-way communication and radar. These receivers are designed to pick up and transmit only traffic warnings, and are therefore useful tools for those who do a lot of driving in high traffic and construction areas.

Safety Alert Traffic Warning Receivers Help Avoid Delays

When driving on business or for a family vacation. It's good to know where the traffic pitfalls may be. Many communities have bypasses that can be used if you have enough advance warning and can get off the main road. The radio is sometimes helpful, if the road department has set aside a channel for traffic information. A more reliable method, however, is a compact receiver that looks much like a radar detector and sits on the dash.

One of the most popular of these units is the Cobra Safety Alert. It is tuned to local traffic alert channels so that you are always kept informed about road conditions, and where you might expect delays. It is not a police radar monitor, rather, it transmits information from systems using Safety Alert transmitters. Safety Alert traffic warning receivers can also alert motorists to the presence of emergency vehicles.

With all of the possible hazards on the road, Safety Alert traffic warning receivers can give the motorist a measure of security by alerting him or her to what lies ahead. If you are warned, you can avoid delays and dangerous situations. These receivers are available at outdoor sporting stores and electronic stores.

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