Spotting Rifle Scopes

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Spotting rifle scopes are a useful part of any outdoorsman's gear. With their magnification power, objects that would ordinarily be indiscernible are revealed with excellent clarity, even over long distances. These scopes can be handheld or mounted on a tripod or rifle for accurate viewing during sport or observation.

Spotting Rifle Scopes Provide an Advantage

These scopes allow the hunter the best possible chance of seeing the prey and getting in a good shot. Bird watchers and amateur astronomers can benefit from the clarity of ED (extra low dispersion) glass, which corrects color and provides sharp clarity for long-distance viewing. Some models have zoom capability which allows you to change magnification without changing lenses.

Coatings give greater contrast between objects for a sharper image. Tripods help steady larger scopes when doing stationary viewing, while some spotting rifle scopes are designed to be more portable. Some can be attached to a camera to act as a telephoto lens which gives greater magnification than standard lenses. When viewing and photographing birds, for instance, these scopes are a versatile tool that make the job easier.

The advantages of having spotting rifle scopes when out in the field are obvious. They give the outdoorsman a better idea of what is out there, and increases his or her chances of having a successful trip. They give the best possible view when observing birds and nature, or while star gazing. They are useful for many purposes, and are an indispensable part of an adventurer's gear.

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